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To meet the fast-paced demands of the hiring industry, it is crucial to have real-time insights and metrics about your recruitment performance. Our analytics report tool is a powerful solution that arms hiring professionals with the data and reporting tools necessary to make informed recruiting decisions.

With real-time recruiting dashboards, intuitive data visualization, and detailed reports, our reports and analytics feature provide you with a 360-degree view of your recruitment performance. But we are not just about numbers and data points. Talentpool’s report analytics module comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and customise. With our recruiting analytics software, you can quickly access the insights you need to drive recruiting strategies forward.

How Will Talentpool’s Recruiting Analytics System Help?
Analyse data with data visualisation tools
Build custom reports
Compare candidate sources

Make Smarter Hires With Data-Driven Insights!

Talentpool helps you identify trends and patterns in your recruitment metrics, enabling recruiters to reduce the time-to-hire, cost-to-hire and improve candidate quality. Our platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse candidate data, assess job fit, and predict job performance.

Our data-driven approach also helps to remove unconscious biases from the recruitment process, ensuring that you are making decisions based on merit rather than subjective factors. So, if you're looking to take your recruitment game to the next level, consider implementing a hiring analytics report tool in your recruitment strategy.

How We Do It?

Report Builder

Analyse data from multiple sources and create customised reports in just a few clicks with our data analysis and reporting platform. You can also easily download and share detailed reports with different team members to identify trends and track key metrics that lead to better outcomes.

Personalised Dashboard

Get a holistic view of your key recruitment metrics, such as candidate sources, applicant tracking, and time-to-hire, with our customised recruiting dashboard. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily add or remove data widgets to create a dashboard that fits your specific needs.

Track Performance​

Monitor and track your hiring process metrics. Talentpool offers powerful analytics capabilities such as predictive modelling and data visualisation, allowing recruiters to gain valuable insights into their recruitment performance and identify areas for improvement.


Yes, Talentpool allows you to export reports and analytics to other formats, such as Excel or PDF. This can be useful if you want to share the data with other members of your team or perform further analysis using other tools.

  • Scheduling interviews
  • Calendar Integration
  • Automated interview notification and reminders
  • Evaluation and scoring of candidates
  • Real-time data and analytics report
  • Centralized dashboard for collaboration and sharing candidate feedback

ATS reports and analytics provide recruiters with valuable insights into their recruitment process and help them make data-driven decisions. By monitoring and analysing key recruitment metrics such as time-to-hire, candidate sourcing, and applicant tracking, recruiters can identify areas where their recruitment process can be improved.

ATS software typically offers a variety of reports and analytics that cover various aspects of the recruitment process, like:

  • Time-to-hire reports
  • Candidate sourcing reports
  • Applicant tracking reports
  • Diversity reports
  • Cost-per-hire reports

Yes, Talentpool allows for customisation of reports and analytics to meet specific business needs. Customization can help you get the most value out of your ATS reports and analytics by focusing on the metrics that matter most to your recruitment strategy.

The frequency of ATS report and analytics updates can vary depending on the software provider and the specific report or metric being tracked. Some reports and metrics may be updated in real-time, while others may be updated daily, weekly, or monthly. The update frequency can often be configured by the user to meet their specific needs.

Talentpool reports and analytics provide recruiters with valuable insights that help track the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts. It also offers in depth reports to help recruiters identify which sourcing channels are the most effective and which stages of the recruitment process are causing bottlenecks or delays.

To access reports and analytics, open Talentpool’s login dashboard. Then log into your account and navigate to the reporting or analytics section of the platform.

You can easily identify trends in recruitment and talent acquisition by tracking key metrics over time. ATS reports and analytics provide valuable data that can be used to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and continuously improve recruitment outcomes.

ATS reports and analytics can typically be shared with other members of a team by exporting the reports to a variety of formats, such as Excel or PDF, and distributing them via email or file-sharing platforms.

ATS reports and analytics can help you identify areas for improvement in your recruitment process by providing valuable data and insights into your hiring practises. Analysing data and tracking metrics such as sourcing channel effectiveness and offer acceptance rates can help you optimise your recruitment strategy and improve overall hiring outcomes.

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