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Are you tired of spending countless hours searching for the right candidates? Look no further! Talentpool is here to revolutionize your candidate sourcing experience.

Talentpool is an advanced software solution designed to streamline and optimize your talent acquisition process. With Talentpool, you gain access to an extensive pool of high-quality candidates, all in one centralized platform.

Our cutting-edge technology leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to match your job requirements with the most suitable candidates. We help you to source candidates from various channels by integrating job boards, social media platforms, and career website, ensuring you have a diverse pool of talent at your fingertips.

Source Easily

Effective sourcing includes searching, identifying, contacting and convincing potential candidates. Integrate different channels to reach out to more candidates faster.


Accelerate hiring process and save hours of time.


Eliminate manual and redundant data management.


Facilitate communication on a single platform for all stakeholders.

Automate Sourcing

Recruiter spends 50%-60% of their working hours in doing manual and repetitive work. Screening candidates, managing profiles from multiple sources and then coordinating interviews can be easily managed through candidate sourcing software.

Bulk Import of Candidates from Desktop

Upload a single resume or in bulk. Talentpool offers a simple solution with a drag and drops option that helps you to import data quickly and securely. Export candidate data at any given point in time.

Resume Parser to Autofill Candidate Details

Extract candidate information from the file types including .pdf, .doc, .docx. The AI-based parser takes 1-4 seconds to process the most complex resume format with an accuracy of 95%.

Quick Duplicate Check

Candidate profile details received through multiple channels are collected and flagged as duplicate based on multiple attributes. Keep your candidate database clean.

Integrate Multiple Channels

Recruiter spends a lot of time managing job postings and finding applicants on multiple job portals. Publishing jobs and getting candidates auto-tagged to position as per the source reduces manual efforts drastically.

Naukri Integration

Import candidate data with a single click through the chrome plug-in for Naukri. Get the candidate profile directly auto-tagged to the correct position.

Publish and Import from LinkedIn

Publish job positions on LinkedIn through Talentpool effortlessly. Import and collect candidate data from LinkedIn with only a few steps.

Website Integration

With Talentpool’s website APIs, positions can be published and applications can be received against any job. Recruiters no longer have to begin to their email inboxes to screen website applicants.

Outlook Integration

Integrate your mail inbox with Talentpool. Auto-import applicants who apply through different channels and mass mailers.

Collaborate with Vendors and Employees

Save time spent on communicating with multiple vendors and employees. Help vendors and employees to track their candidates independently.

Referrals via Virtual Recruiter - Maya

Streamline and increase inflow from referrals via Maya. Send announcements to invite references from your employees. Provide complete transparency and progress of the referred candidates.

Vendor Management

Publish positions to vendors and RPOs to let them help you till interview coordination or even till post offer engagement. Stay assured about the privacy of data through Talentpool’s dedicated vendor management platform. Monitor vendor performance with more visibility.

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