Why is the Job Description important in recruitment these days?

In India, the job market is largely driven by candidates. Recruiters need to find the right candidates and almost sell the job opportunity. Recruiters, therefore, should ideally know the USPs of their organizations and strengths of the role.  

But how often do we come across recruiters who are well-aware of these?

Very few times!

Organizations not differentiating themselves are already losing good candidates. If you are a start-up and you still do not showcase your USPs as an employer, you should act on it NOW!

If you are a recruiter working with a start-up, start thinking about improving your very next interaction. Gather information, speak to your manager, and speak to the head of your team or the CEO.

Ideally your first step should be to redo the job descriptions because that’s how you make the first impression.

Job descriptions are in all probability the first touchpoint with the candidate. It is also the most important because you introduce the candidate to the company and to the role.

A well written job description represents multiple factors right from company culture to the role that the candidate would play as well as traits and attributes required to succeed in the respective role.

Why job description needs to look different?

To stand out in the competitive market and establish a better candidate experience, the job description and its representation play an important role. A poorly written job description could result in attracting unqualified candidate applications, adding to the recruiter’s task of scouting through scores of applications but not finding the suitable one.

How do you get to the right job description for any role?

Here are some guidelines which can be kept in mind while writing any job description.

Key points need to be considered

USP of the organization to its customers: Let your prospective employee know how you are different from your competitors for your customers. Though not directly related to the job role, this gives your candidate a clear picture of you as a business.

Differentiating factor as an employer: How are you different from the other companies offering similar jobs? Apart from the salary structure, millennials are also keen to know about the aspect of learning, work life balance and social contribution.

Job Scope: Candidate should know the value add that this role would have.  “nice to have” and “must have” skill sets should be clearly mentioned.

Measure of Success: Job descriptions should be lucid enough to include a KPIs of the role. Candidates should be able to clearly visualize what success would mean in his/her role and in the organization.

Bullet Points: Posting job description with bullet points and structured data helps Google show job descriptions in Google jobs section.

Character Limit: As per study any job description needs to have at least 700 to 2000 characters which leads to attract 30%-40% more applications. There are multiple tools available which detect the character limit for a given job description.

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