Top 5 Assessment Platforms in India

Getting the right talent from thousands of applications becomes very difficult. Assessments are an easy way to sift out better applicants. They help recruiters narrow down the large pool of candidates. Candidates get assessed through multiple tests and the organization can explore the different aspects of an individual potential without much heavy lifting.

However, choosing the right assessment platform could also get tricky. From what we gather from our experience and hear first-hand from our customers, here is a list of assessment tools that we have put together to help you get some headway with your search.

We have evaluated all the platforms on the basis of these parameters:

  • Verticals that can use the platform based upon the kind of tests provided
  • Price
  • Ability to integrate with ATS systems


HackerEarth has developed a standardized coding assessment platform to hire top developers. With 13000+ questions across 80+ skills, HackerEarth enables you to get the right talent


  • Generates leader board for every coding assessment 
  • Evaluates more than 80 skills 
  • Gives the flexibility to create project-type questions 
  • Powerful image processing helps to identify tab switches, copy-pasting code
  • Gives the ability to code up to 40+ programming language
  • Provides real-time editor and integration with Jupyter and Notebooks
  • Highly user dev-friendly user interface  
  • Detailed reports on every candidate’s performance 
  • Gives data-driven insights to help fine-tune the hiring funnel
  • AI-Powered Proctoring 
  • Support for international language 

Best Suited For:

Tech Companies that want to source, skill, interview, upskill and engage developers.


Startups – $119 per month

Enterprises – $279 per month

Custom – Based on requirements

Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl has an expansive range where they provide customized assessments across the employee lifecycle, including pre-hiring screening, candidate skills assessment, training, and development programs for employees/students, certification exams, contests, and beyond.


  • Talent Assessments
  • Coding Tests
  • Online Hackathons
  • Campus Hiring
  • Online Certification
  • Organizational development: Reskilling, 360-degree feedback, leadership assessment


$249 per year

Best Suited For:

Mettle assessment platform is a good fit for tech as well as non-tech companies. It offers comprehensive testing and learning platform.


eTeki, is an interview-as-a-service providing a platform through which organizations can outsource interviews. Through eTeki onboarding, sellers become certified interviewers. Buyers get an extensive candidate report and video in 24 hours or less.


  • Multi-Skill Assessment, there is the provision of assessing collective IT skills in one session
  • Live Interviews, conduct one-to-one sessions with the candidates to provide a high-touch experience 
  • Predictive Results, the platform provides data that helps to make data-driven decisions that come from the best-in-class interview methodologies 
  • Curated On-Demand Expertise, tap into the global pool of talent with relevant experience to screen candidates in less than 24 hours or less
  • Nimble Scheduling, the interview scheduling feature helps to schedule the interview based on candidate availability.
  • Better Interview Tool, monitor your candidates while creating live work samples such as coding, whiteboarding, portfolio, reviews, etc.
  • Feedback management, manage candidate feedback as to when the interview gets over, this also helps to track the status of the candidate 


Free version available, customized pricing


Glider, is an Industry-leading AI-based talent quality platform that provides hiring solutions that include virtual assessments, coding, video interviews, screen bots, L&D, and more to scale hiring quality talent for the Enterprise, Staffing Firms, and MSPs.


  • Active Screening, filter and sort the candidate based on an AI-enabled bot that engages with the candidate and determines whether they are right to fit or not for the next process
  • Interview templates, all templates are customized based on position and technical needs
  • Live Coding Interview, it is possible to gauge the technical as well as collaborative skills 
  • Pre-recorded interviews, offer flexibility to interviewers. An interviewer can record their questions and candidate can submit their answers. This helps to evaluate communication and function-specific skill
  • Pre-Built Test, gauges a candidate’s skill level, personality traits, skills, and fit. Create customized 30+ question types including video.


$299 per month

Best Suited for

If companies are looking for a wide variety of roles with a different skill sets, Glider can become the right solution for them. Glider is one of the platforms which provides assessment solutions for every role in the industry.


TestGorilla provides a pre-employment assessment tool to screen and hire the qualified and right talent. Using multiple test types in an assessment helps in providing the best predictive value. TestGorilla does provide a growing test library of 150+ tests including cognitive ability tests, programming tests, software skill tests, personality tests, culture fit tests, language tests, and much more. 


  • Test Library provides multiple tests which predict real-world job performance using more than 190 scientifically validated tests.
  •  Conducting one-way video interviews, one-way video interview gives an opportunity for the recruiter to save time. Also, the time, which is consumed in coordinating multiple follow-ups and arranging interviews gets saved and qualified candidates can be directly called for a formal discussion.
  • Result Analysis, it is possible to check real-time assessment results and can discover easy-to-read output reports. 
  • These reports can be shared with the internal team and client with just one click. The reports can also be branded with the company logo and color. Similarly, all the notes and ratings can be seen in one report.
  • Compare candidates, and review every single candidate at one glance. It is possible to check the status of every assessment right from how many candidates started the test and finished.
  • Candidate Ranking, rank candidates based on assessment results. These scores can be compared with the benchmark.
  • Positive candidate experience, the candidate does not require an account to take the assessment.
  • Mobile-friendly, assessments are optimized for all the platforms. Build and assess the test in one go.
  • Document record, candidate can upload their key documents like CV, Cover letter, and portfolio.
  • Fraud detection, check automatic snapshots for the candidate being tested and get a notification when the candidate exits the full-screen mode.
  • Customized assessment, create customized questions, assessments and export them into custom CSV files


Starts from $22 per month

Best Suited for

Organizations who want customized assessment platforms especially small, and medium businesses can go for it.

Although all the mentioned platforms are not completely free, one can go for a demo and free trial to get to know more about the features. Hope this helps you choose the right platform based on your requirements.


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