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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need an Applicant Tracking System

Successful leaders in the recruitment industry advise us to use a wide range of tactics to fish in the best talent in the market. But do we really have the time? Most of us end up using only some of the following effectively without applicant tracking system:

  • Getting candidates from job portals – quality, yes it’s not the best always!
  • You have your social media engines on – ON, but are they working? We don’t know
  • Get applicants through those agencies – These seem better, but cost quite a bit
  • Employee referrals, and other possible sources! – Good but is elusive!

Well, what stops us from using all these channels to their maximum potential?


Time, you would say.  It is true that even after receiving million responses to your carefully “strategized” postings, it will all render futile, if you cannot pick the best talent out of that pack. Your entire hiring process is hinged on to your responsibility to organize your candidate profiles, evaluate them well and select the right match.

That’s when a good Applicant Tracking System comes to the rescue!

Work smart by delegating the initial posting, prescreening, and organizing to an applicant tracking software.  Identify and track sources that produce high quality candidates, best suited for your business. As a business owner, HR executive or talent leader, you get a leverage by:

  • Building a Talent Community

    Create a virtual bench of top talent so that you don’t have to start building credibility with your candidates when you approach them for a new position. Engage and build trust amongst the pool that you want to hire from. This will be far more effective than candidate profiles just lying in folders on your desktop.
  • Getting your Recruitment Analytics Straight

    Get all the insights about the working of your potential sources, social channels and advertising platforms so that you do not miss out on any major problem! A recruitment software comes with a comprehensive suite of reports and analytics that judiciously evaluates the success/failure rate of your recruitment campaigns as compared to your spend. It also keeps a track of the pending actions and your stakeholders’ reviews, all in one place.
  • Focusing on the Right Set of Candidates

    An ATS grips on to only one logic: A simplified and cost-effective hiring. A good recruitment software automates a huge range of tasks, reducing the time, effort and money you spend on recruitment. Right from posting job ads, collecting resumes, to interviewing candidates based on filters you choose, an ATS can practically do it all! That will help you focus better on those hard to fill positions which averaged out your performance scores.

An applicant tracking software is as important for you as JIRA is for the developer community.


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