Today’s Recruitment Methods May Not Work Tomorrow – Are you future ready?

You already have a rock-solid recruiting team ready to build an outstanding workforce. You are consistently filling up positions at a reasonably okay cost and within a decent timeline.

While you are thinking, it could not get any better, inefficiencies are gnawing at your processes and making them weaker to weather the test of time. Take a step back, analyse and look for these discernible signs:

One source takes the cake away

Time to worry! Start exploring other resume sources so that you don’t hit the roof too soon. Develop a process to nurture and leverage a pool of passive candidates.

Haven’t tried even one new thing to reach out to passive candidates

New does not always mean path-breaking and completely out of the box. It could simply mean something that you have not tried for your organization. So when you choose, you can pass the Design Thinking and AI topics. Pick something simpler like LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaigns.

Hiring Managers are not sharing feedback for rejected candidates

This is a loophole which is hard to address, but is a must, for you to improve your efficiency.  Slowly but gradually, discipline your hiring managers to explain their approval as well as rejection of a candidate. This exercise will bring in a lot of clarity in the entire recruitment process. 

Still don’t have a mechanism to assess candidate experience

Your stakeholders are your interviewers, hiring managers and candidates. Internal stakeholders make themselves heard but candidates form an opinion quietly. Therefore you need to set up a process. Ensure that you reach out to your candidates within 48 hours of the interview and seek for feedback.

Interview to Offer Decline Ratio is high

Most Talent Acquisition Leads pay the least attention here because they have least control here.  But this often underlines whether you are aligning to the needs of your internal customer or simply head hunting. Probe more and find out. Does your interviewer know what he is looking for? Do you know what he is looking for? Delve deep and you will uncover something that needs fixing as soon as possible.

We have learnt immensely over the years by working closely with global leaders such as SBI Life, Siemens, Force Motors, Hinduja Tech, Taj Hotels, Oberoi Realty and many more.  This platform is for us to share what we learnt. In fact we also have guest writers from the recruitment fraternity regularly who write about topics of their interest.



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