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An RMS or recruitment management software is a tool that enables a company or a recruiter to automate and streamline their hiring process. It also helps manage the complete end-to-end recruitment process, allowing companies to reduce recruiting time and keep the operations glitch-free. 

Interestingly enough, 86% of recruiters claim that using an RMS tool has helped them hire faster, which allows both small and large companies alike, irrespective of the size and position of hiring. 

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A study shows any job position receives an average of 250 applications. So, shortlisting the right candidate from is just like finding the needle in a haystack.

Every job position requires different evaluation process and the method of shortlisting. The selection method you choose will depend on skills, attributes and knowledge required for that particular position. And of course, it will also need to be aligned with the prerequisite for the said position.

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Has your work culture changed from traditional office to working remotely? Are you still hiring more remote employees in the existing team? Covid-19 has brought forth a lot of challenges for every organization. Organizations have been compelled to make changes in the work culture within a shorter period of time.

Managing remote employees is not an easy task.  

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