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The major challenge that any recruiter faces is finding suitable talent for the job opening. Even if you get a lot of applications, none of them might have the right skills and qualifications for the job.

This is because most ideal job candidates are likely already employed. These candidates are generally referred to as passive candidates.

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As a human resources professional, you might be receiving various applications for a job opening at your company.

Each corporate job posting attracts approximately 250 resumes. Out of these, four to six candidates are called for interviews, and only one will be hired.

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Gone are the days when recruitment included only posting job openings and waiting for your dream candidate to apply. Hiring the best possible candidates to perfectly suit the needs of your company is an overwhelming job. Despite the proliferation of digital recruitment software, finding qualified candidates is still a challenge in the 21st century.

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Finding the right talent is crucial for all businesses that want to achieve their objectives in time. Not having the right people in the team can lead to sub-optimal performance and output. This is why having a robust recruitment strategy is so important.

Today, advancements in technology have made the jobs of recruiters easier. They can use recruitment software to facilitate a planned hiring process and hire suitable employees.

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Efficient recruitment is a result of a flawless hiring timeline and ideal hiring processes. While uncertainties are not in the hands of the company, better recruitment processes certainly are and can help the business find the best talent.

Based on a LinkedIn Survey from 2019, 42% of managers constantly worry about their inability to find the perfect talent.

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An RMS or recruitment management software is a tool that enables a company or a recruiter to automate and streamline their hiring process. It also helps manage the complete end-to-end recruitment process, allowing companies to reduce recruiting time and keep the operations glitch-free. 

Interestingly enough, 86% of recruiters claim that using an RMS tool has helped them hire faster, which allows both small and large companies alike, irrespective of the size and position of hiring. 

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In today’s technological era, companies are competing hard to recruit top talent. Gone are the days when traditional recruitment strategies helped companies find said top talent.

Recruiters have to toil hard to find suitable candidates for a job position. They have to go through applicant resumes, interview results, and much more for selecting the right talent.

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Did you know that over 90% of Indian start-ups fail during the first five years? The 10% that do succeed must be performing things differently. One of the factors that can get you into that 10% club is having the right people in your team. You need to have resources who are committed to your organization’s vision and goals.

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We are pleased to announce that Talentpool has partnered with Naukri to bring you the publish feature. Now you can publish your open positions to Naukri, right from Talentpool.  

Enable Naukri integration to get all candidate applications into one single database. Get your applicants tagged directly with the published position.

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If you’re a recruiter and have been trying to scale your teams and attract the best talent, you are probably aware of how hard it is to find that perfect fit for your team. Every firm wants its employees to stick around and contribute to its vision. However, in a competitive job market, it’s hard enough to recruit suitable talent. But it’s even harder to keep employees on board.

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