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Did you know that more than 60% of candidates believe that employers do not communicate on time? Besides communication, various obstacles in the hiring process might force a candidate to drop out. If you provide a positive recruitment experience to candidates, they are 38% more likely to accept your job offer.

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Remote working allows employees to work even without an office environment. Recently, the WFH culture gained immense popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since organizations were not operating during COVID, employees had to work from home to ensure business continuance.

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A study conducted in 2017 showed that almost three out of four employers were affected by a bad hire. That only strengthens the fact that bringing in the wrong person for a job can have a huge impact on the business. A surprisingly high number of start-ups learn this the hard way.

Not only employers but start-up employees also figure that the job is not what they expected soon after they join in.

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Slow recruitment process is the topic of discussion in many corporate set-ups. The ones who are impacted the maximum, are the lean organizations who cannot afford bench strength.

Some easily discernible ways in which slow hiring process impacts an organization are loss of revenue and brand image. But there is more to it than what catches the eye.

In this blog we would discuss some damages that stay beneath the surface yet are compelling enough to act upon.

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You already have a rock-solid recruiting team ready to build an outstanding workforce. You are consistently filling up positions at a reasonably okay cost and within a decent timeline.

While you are thinking, it could not get any better, inefficiencies are gnawing at your processes and making them weaker to weather the test of time. Take a step back, analyse and look for these discernible signs:

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