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Campus recruiting has become a hot topic in the world of…

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In the age of the coronavirus, the setting and rules of interviewing have changed. The widespread adoption of video conferencing platforms has made conducting video interviews more viable and convenient than ever before. If done effectively, it can speed up the hiring process and help in the proper evaluation of candidates.

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Recruitment is not a walk in the park. In fact, finding the ideal candidate today is more difficult than it was in the past.

The right candidate is out there, but recruiters often feel like they cannot reach them. Especially when everyone is vying to find great candidates in such a saturated market.

And the result is that you instead end up with candidates who do not always hit the mark.

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These days, there are hundreds of job boards online to advertise job openings. But this does not mean that you do not need to create a great career page.

In fact, according to a LinkedIn survey, 68% of job candidates listed a company’s website as one of the most effective tools for talent branding.

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Job boards are an essential part of any recruitment strategy, and this plays a crucial role in cost per acquisition. A health recruitment strategy needs to include both paid as well free resources to balance out the given budget. Well, there are many free digital channels one can utilize for posting job positions. Usually, large companies that afford to do recruitment marketing go for paid job boards.

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Volume hiring is frequently required when a company hires a massive number of candidates in a defined time period. Hiring quality candidates at a large scale is not a cakewalk to the recruitment team. With a handful number of people and limited sources, dealing with such a number is really a challenging task. A Recruiting Daily research study shows high volume refers to filling 250 or more positions in a shorter time.

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