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As a recruiter, you know that sourcing new talent is…

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The current recruitment landscape is volatile and punctuated by uncertainty. Tech giants have stopped hiring, there are layoffs globally, and more people are quitting than ever before.

Indeed, McKinsey research reveals that 40% of workers plan to quit their jobs as recession fears grow.

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Do you know that 51% of employees are neutrally disengaged in the workplace, while 13% are actively disengaged?

This is a huge number. Right?

So how do hiring managers and business owners bridge the gap to ensure long-term productivity and satisfaction on both sides? The answer values.

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When it comes to recruiting, time is of paramount importance.

A LinkedIn study states that top candidates are typically off the market in 10 days. This leaves a small window for companies to attract talent before they are lost to competition.

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Hiring the right set of candidates is a real challenge for many organizations.

Organizations often blame the market conditions for shortcomings in their hiring process. For example, they might think their recruitment process has degraded due to market conditions.

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Using an employee referral program in their hiring strategy helps companies/recruiters find new talent with assistance from the existing workforce. By offering rewards, incentives, or monetary benefits, the company encourages its employees to refer a qualified candidate for the business. 

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