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Known brand, an interesting job description, skilled recruiters, and a…

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Gone are the days when recruitment included only posting job openings and waiting for your dream candidate to apply. Hiring the best possible candidates to perfectly suit the needs of your company is an overwhelming job. Despite the proliferation of digital recruitment software, finding qualified candidates is still a challenge in the 21st century.

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An RMS or recruitment management software is a tool that enables a company or a recruiter to automate and streamline their hiring process. It also helps manage the complete end-to-end recruitment process, allowing companies to reduce recruiting time and keep the operations glitch-free. 

Interestingly enough, 86% of recruiters claim that using an RMS tool has helped them hire faster, which allows both small and large companies alike, irrespective of the size and position of hiring. 

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In today’s technological era, companies are competing hard to recruit top talent. Gone are the days when traditional recruitment strategies helped companies find said top talent.

Recruiters have to toil hard to find suitable candidates for a job position. They have to go through applicant resumes, interview results, and much more for selecting the right talent.

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According to statistics, around 50% of HR managers find it difficult to recruit international talent. A lot changes among people based on their geographical location, which is why you should know what to look for while recruiting international talent.

Recruiters face several challenges while hiring international talent that could help them expand their business. Therefore, recruiters should have a pre-defined strategy for conducting international recruitment. One should also know about the resources that could make international hiring easier. Read on to know the six things to consider while hiring international talent for your organization.

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Writing quality emails has become an unsaid rule of people management. It’s not a quality that we look out for, but it sure helps to have the right skills and create a lasting impression. 

An unclear email can lead to a domino effect of errors, misinformation, and confusion. Especially as an HR associate, your emails become a representation of your virtual personality. A potential candidate can decipher the tone and voice of an establishment merely based on this first impression. 

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The modern workforce in companies is evolving at an accelerated pace, where several firms have started recruiting freelancers. Freelancers are not committed for the long-term to your company and are self-employed. One of the primary reasons for this shift in trend is due to their cost-effectiveness, flexibility to access top-tier talents, nature of work, and diversity compared to full-time employees.

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Did you know that over 90% of Indian start-ups fail during the first five years? The 10% that do succeed must be performing things differently. One of the factors that can get you into that 10% club is having the right people in your team. You need to have resources who are committed to your organization’s vision and goals.

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Social media has become a popular tool used by people and brands to promote their products to a larger audience, which is cost-effective.

A recent survey states that 85% of recruiters said social media helps them to find, engage quality and passive candidates.

With millennials constituting a substantial portion of the workforce and generation Z brimming with the zeal to establish themselves in their chosen niche, brands must prioritize targeting these two groups to receive maximum candidates.

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If you’re a recruiter and have been trying to scale your teams and attract the best talent, you are probably aware of how hard it is to find that perfect fit for your team. Every firm wants its employees to stick around and contribute to its vision. However, in a competitive job market, it’s hard enough to recruit suitable talent. But it’s even harder to keep employees on board.

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