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Over the last few decades, some innovations have transformed how we perceive the world. One of them is the “Metaverse.”

The metaverse offers virtually endless opportunities for businesses in a variety of industries. In fact, the metaverse has already sparked a growing interest in the area of recruitment. In the future, it is predicted that the metaverse will revolutionize the way companies recruit to attract the best talent. And it starts from holding virtual career fairs to conducting virtual interviews to onboarding.

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Recruitment isn’t as simple as it was a few decades ago. Nowadays, companies struggle to find the top talent with the required skills. Moreover, if the top talent isn’t recruited by a company timely, some other company will get their hands on them.

The recent COVID pandemic has only added to companies’ difficulties in hiring talent. Apart from applicants’ skill gaps, recruiters face many other challenges in 2022.

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With the intelligence it offers, AI is in vogue in recent times. Many companies are looking to leverage AI to improve their business operations. Some companies have already been using AI for recruiting new employees.

AI in recruitment has gained popularity because of its ability to perform tasks that are time-consuming for humans or redundant. 

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