SHRM-Talentpool Webinar:  Does Recruitment Technology/Automation Ensure Good Candidate Experience?

There was a time when automated screening and decision making were viewed as impersonal and
irrelevant. Today, they serve as an invaluable tool to recruiters dealing with growing numbers of candidates and also help in balancing out the challenges candidates face in terms of poor communication, lack of organization or vague job descriptions. Improving candidate experience is one of the top priorities of businesses whether its small, mid or large.

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To ensure quality talent, it is important to support and provide them with good experience, else they are likely to look elsewhere. Today organizations are resorting to automated technologies for video interviewing, self-scheduling, on-boarding and online offer, to ensure better candidate experience. However, does recruitment technology/automation ensure 100% good candidate experience? Yes – No. Incorporating the right level of automation into the recruitment processes, while maintaining the human touch-points, is the key to this question and will help in delivering significant benefits.

This Webinar will focus on:

  • Evolution of the entire concept of candidate experience and its relevance to today’s market place
  • Importance of candidate experience at every stage of hiring process
  • Pros and cons of using recruitment technology / automation for candidate experience
  • How to improve candidate experience through technology?
  • Some of the best practices in the industry

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