Remote working: 5 collaboration tools vs one recruitment software

Has your work culture changed from traditional office to working remotely? Are you still hiring more remote employees in the existing team? Covid-19 has brought forth a lot of challenges for every organization. Organizations have been compelled to make changes in the work culture within a shorter period of time.

Managing remote employees is not an easy task.  

Collaboration has become key and also become very difficult

Organizations are looking for ways to seamlessly collaborate without leading to a burn out of employees or adding much to the costs. Organizations that manage to put in place the right method to collaborate, manage the process and regulate the outcome, will emerge as a stronger business in the post Covid-19 era.

Tracking progress, monitoring productivity and sharing and collating records is the need of the hour to work seamlessly.

People operations, especially, recruitment, deals with a lot of data and requires the maximum collaboration. Recruitment teams, which were heavily relying on shared spreadsheets, files and folders, are in dire need of tools to manage the remote processes.

Study shows that a recruiter ends up wasting almost 50-60% of their time every day in doing activities which helps management get visibility into their work.

Challenges faced in recruitment in remote work culture

  • Remote collaboration with multiple team members
  • Internal and external communication
  • Candidate data management
  • Visibility into recruitment progress
  • Data safety and security
  • Document sharing and storing

Yes, there are more effective tools for each and every challenge faced in recruitment process, but is it advisable to go with multiple tools to get the solution?

Let’s look at the problems associated with using multiple collaborative tools.

  1. Multiple tools take a lot of time to learn and adopt
  2. Difficulties in integration
  3. Complicates the process and makes it lengthy
  4. Support issues
  5. Increased licensing costs

What if all those collaborative recruitment tasks are brought on one platform with complete automation.

What are the benefits of using one software over multiple tools?

One single solution for end to end recruitment helps to raise and track positions progress, view candidate interaction and communicate with different stakeholders through one platform. This saves time to deal with three different standalone solutions. Get end to end support to minimize learning curve get all your users on the same page from the very first day.

Cost effective platform to manage all aspects of recruitment management which includes process management, collaboration and analytics.

Dedicated Support to minimize the learning curve and help you seamlessly overcome the hurdle of adopting a new software in lesser time.

So, for any organization using single collaboration platform not only gives complete visibility but also becomes a cost effective and value adding solution.


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