Recruiting Trends That Will Rule the Roost in 2017

80% employers are of the opinion that hiring would go from steady to strong over the first few months of 2017. Availability of talent and post-offer uncertainties are some of the critical challenges that recruitment teams will foresee as some of the biggest roadblocks.

Amidst the predictions and trends, we have taken up a few that are impactful and that are being watched out by most talent acquisition leaders.


  1. Deriving Actionable Intelligence from Data
    The ability to collate, track and measure myriad data points across the hiring process provides decision makers with a unique opportunity to continually optimize and improve performance. Track the most effective source of the most qualified candidate, be more aware of all your hiring bottlenecks and assess your hiring speed over time to help your team improve! You also can forecast or predict an outcome with greater accuracy through reports, which makes it a must-have instrument in every recruiter’s toolbox!
  2. Employers will See Long Term Gains Through Branding
    According to the LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2017, 53% of talent leaders say that they would prioritize investing in long-term strategic plays like employer branding. In a competitive recruitment scenario, it can help keep the organization on top of mind, make your company stand out in a crowded market.
  3. Provide a Seamless Candidate/Employee Experience
    Improving candidate touch-points is another priority that talent leaders have on top of their minds. Making it easier for candidates to get in touch with you and know more about your organization is a priority for most of this year. More and more enterprises are streamlining the application process by making it available for the mobile first. Around 53% of 18-29-year-olds have used the smartphone as part of a job search and the number is expected to rise up to 67% by 2019 (as per a Glassdoor report).Therefore, to enrich the candidate experience, a mobile-friendly website, and prompt engagement with the candidates via WhatsApp, SMS, emails or direct phone call is a must!
  4. Use of Technology To Save Time
    With the increasing hiring volumes and to cut down administration costs, automating the hiring process will be taken up as a priority. However, teams are apprehensive to give away the human element of recruitment as a process. More recruitment teams are hence, exploring various best-of-the-breed recruitment solutions to see how they can innovate better without compromising on the people-centric processes.
  5. Focus on People with Design Thinking
    The design thinking approach takes recruiters closer to the business. It through this approach that recruiters then start thinking beyond just filling slots! They analyze the talent problems and are able to think how they can contribute to the business by hiring the right people. Having the right perspective is the key change in design thinking. Therefore, adopting a mindset of treating your candidates as customers by mapping down their candidate-to-employee journey and by being in constant touch with them is a sure-shot ladder to hiring success! Once recruiters are on the solution side, recruiters think more about contributing to the processes which in turn determine the candidate experience, engagement and employer brand.

For each and every organization hiring quality talent is going to be the priority. Execution is going to be critical. What organizations do differently will define the edge that they get over competitors!

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