Overlooked Reasons of Recruitment Delay

In this competitive market, talent and resources can be a game-changer for any organization. You cannot afford to lose the best talent to some other company or your competitors due to a lag or recruitment delay at your end. Human resource team and top management should therefore prioritize the recruitment process and weed out all the reasons that are causing delays in the process.

Recruitment delays can be caused due to a number of reasons. Since the implications of delays can cost a lot to the company; it is best to take stock of the recruitment process regularly to root cause of delays in the recruitment process.

So what could be the overlooked reasons for recruitment delays? Let us discuss some of the reasons of recruitment delay that could possibly save you from a big loss or can help you curb damages before it is too late!


Ambiguous and undefined needs

A well-defined job description is very important when it comes to attracting the right talent. A clear job description can make you stand out. Ensure that you avoid a cookie-cutter job description. Job descriptions are a way for recruiters to get an insight into what is expected.

Additionally avoid irrelevant applicants from applying for the job. Stating the facts and requirements ‘as-is’ with no ambiguities can reduce the delays to a great extent. You have more relevant candidates in the pipeline. Clarity accelerate the hiring process.

The interview technique

Are your interviewers expecting too much or too little? The key is to evaluate the candidate as per the level and competencies that you are hiring.  Like they say, you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.  How would you drive this? Think through your feedback forms, there lies the first clue!

Unavailability of the right manager

Historically interviewers have become a bottleneck. They always seem to take a long time to provide feedback. Often, the reasons are difficult to complete, perhaps too lengthy feedback form or not so user-friendly recruitment software. Find out what is discouraging interviewers. Lay down a follow-up system so that you don’t lose much time.

Candidate engagement

Any company that believes in candidate engagement also deploys creative processes and techniques to engage the candidate. It is important to keep the communication lines are open with the recruiter so that at any point of time the candidate can get in touch for any query related to the profile or the process. A one way communication almost never works and doesn’t fetch the desired results in the hiring process. Responding to queries and engaging candidates through timely feedback are very important aspects of speedy hiring processes. Any lack in any of these crucial processes can cause unnecessary delay in the hiring process.

So, what can one do to avoid these delays? Well, the solutions are not complicated, in fact many a times the solution is hidden in the problem itself. The reasons causing delays in recruitment process may not be found at the surface but may be found at a much deeper level and that may have been overlooked before!

It is best to hire efficient and competitive managers for recruitment process. Competent and experienced managers with all their expertise can foresee or envision the probable problems that might occur in the recruitment process. It can reduce the down-time in the recruitment process in the present and immediate future too.


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