Offer to Join Ratio: It’s Not Only About Compensation!

They say “no us, without trust”…For ages now, Trust is the moving force behind our emotional, material and survival exchanges. Our instincts, choices and relationships spring out of confidence in self and others.

If such is the power of Trust, then how will it not impact the employee-employer bonding?

Today’s competitive job market compels us to work hard on establishing trust with our candidate community and create willingness in them to join us! It goes without saying that we must focus on our candidates. In fact, we must go beyond compensation and craft a unique appeal for them. We must facilitate, empower and delight them.


Change in job certainly leads to an enormous impact on a candidate’s professional as well as personal life. Are you sensitive to them? What are their concerns? How can you help them? Are you helping them through this transition? It’s alright to sweat the small stuff here. Help them understand how their basic needs like food, housing, travel, internet access etc. can be managed. Go that extra mile and ease relocation of their family members. Finally and continuously make them focus on the big picture, opportunities and mutual-win.


To join or not to join your company is the candidate’s decision. Do not push. However give them consistent, authentic and relevant information to reach a conclusion. Let the leads directly manage mutual expectations and communicate the role. Help them understand their accountability towards organizational goals at the very outset. Proactively connect your offered candidates with some of your employees and move out of the conversation. Let the candidate soak in unbiased opinions and form an informed choice.


Certainly sending hand-written notes and goodies are a good gesture however can you go beyond this? Your candidates are important, make them feel like one! It’s about keeping a call back promise. It’s about giving them a glimpse of their new social life – arrange a day at work tour, take them out with their new work buddies, show them the city. Give them an opportunity to assess their goals and it’s alignment with your company. Let them figure out if they belong with you.

Remember to secure trust; you must be honest.

Anjali heads the recruitment team at Talentica. She uses Talentpool to help her team save time, otherwise spent on administrative tasks of hiring. Thus, the recruiters leverage their time to understand and engage candidates better.


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