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How to Smoothly Implement an ATS

You may have found the perfect recruitment software for your business. It is feature-rich to eliminate every hiring hurdle and is undoubtedly a bang for your buck! But the bells and whistles can turn out to be a major hindrance to the adoption and implementation?

Whether you gain complete ROI from the software or the process turns to a major debacle, is completely dependent on how the software is implemented!

Now you’d wonder that if the software has been carefully scrutinized and evaluated, these “surprises” will not really occur.

Take a look at some of the following problematic scenarios that organizations have dealt with, time and again, in spite of following rigorous evaluation processes:

Drastic Change from your Previous Workflow – Lack of Adoption

Automation should help you save time by eliminating time-consuming mundane tasks. However, if it changes the complete workflow, stakeholders find it difficult to manage and overcome the change. You will realize ROI only when the software is adopted and the promised benefits are realized.

Precaution:  Assess a recruitment software that is more flexible for any recruitment set-up. Talentpool aligns seamlessly with your workflow so that you need not change your time-tested processes.

Complicated Features and Functionalities – Time Lost in Training

A recruitment software may have all the features in the world but, are all of them suitable to your hiring needs? Heavy features tend to have longer buffer times and slackens the pace of your process further. Moreover, you’d need training for each and every feature and that’s tedious for your stakeholders.

Precaution: Adopt an easy-to-use solution whose features bridge all the gaps in your recruitment process. Talentpool comes with an intuitive interface which requires minimal training. Training takes only a week of training as part of its 30-day implementation plan.

 Lack of Configurability – Expensive Customizations

It is tedious when you need to contact the support team every time, even for a minor change. This eventually leads to loss of time and cost as the dependency increases. Your recruitment management software should be configurable enough to allow your team members to be able to make minor changes in the workflow.

Precaution: Evaluate a recruitment software that lets even your admin make changes if required. Talentpool is flexible and configurable so that customers can save expensive customizations.

Evaluating a recruitment software on the basis of features and functionalities is the right thing to do. At the same time, consider its implementation process and timeline. It is also imperative to always go for the product trial and know how the product will work in your environment and your team.

Talentpool’s team offers a product trial of its recruitment software which will make your implementation process easier. Schedule your demo today.


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