How to Induct and Orient New Recruiters in Your Team

In this generation’s workforce, quality talent may come and go in a split second! Your recruiters are part of the same workforce. Ensuring that your recruitment process runs seamlessly without a hitch, it is critical that your team feels motivated and part of the bigger organizational goal. It becomes all the more important when you have new recruiters joining your team.

Here are a few of the top tips to effectively get your new team members started on the right note:

Time-to-productivity matters. Define it first

To start measuring time-to-productivity, you must first define it. The definition varies from company to company and as per their requirements, but it is generally defined as “the time taken to get a new hire to a point where their skills, knowledge, and qualifications operate at almost the same level as the other employees at the company.”

Set the right timelines

Set clear time-to-productivity targets and ensure that your recruiters, hiring managers, and other stakeholders are well-aligned to these goals.

It does not mean that the process shouldn’t be flexible enough for the stakeholders, with respect to time-to-productivity. There are times that companies may even find hiring underqualified candidates appropriate, who need more time to catch up than any average new hire. Therefore, the targets should be set in such a way that it meets your recruiting needs and by keeping in mind the open positions and their difficulty levels.

Make achieving targets important

Avoid wasting time and efforts in setting a time-to-productivity target if it’s not going to be taken seriously and never be revisited. We must keep in mind that there are prices to be paid for not meeting certain targets and incentives if we exceed them.

In fact, we must consider incentivizing our team members with brownie points or bonus whenever they meet or exceed their time-to-productivity target. By following these parameters, you will be able to encourage your recruiters to give more priority to recruitment factors that deliver quality talent in lesser time!

Prerna Kohli is the Senior Manager – HR at Navisite, Inc., a part of Spectrum Enterprise. Navisite uses Talentpool to automate time-intensive hiring tasks and streamline their hiring process – right from sourcing a candidate to onboarding them.


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