How to Better Manage Your Candidate Database in a Few Simple Ways

Finding the right candidate could feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Having a rich talent database will render futile if it does not get you quality candidates in lesser time.

Root Cause: Your quality talent are safely stored away in files, folders, excel sheets, and online drives. But you don’t have a powerful search mechanism. So how would you maintain such a database that fetches quality applicants in seconds?

 Not sure how to start? Here are the top 3 ways that you can and must try:

  • Get All Your Sources Connected to One Single Database
    Integrate all your major candidate sources like job boards, social media, career’s page, Outlook, CSVs, vendors and employees, to one unified database. Frequently use databases such as Google Drives and other cloud storage platform need manual intervention and only increase the workload for a recruiter. A unified database is not only easier to manage but also ensures that all the recruiters are able to access your rich database of resumes.
  • Have an Effective Duplicate Detection Mechanism
    Do you have a mechanism to check duplicates? Are you confident that all your profiles are unique? Lay out a robust duplicate detection mechanism to keep your database clean. Evaluate and use an applicant tracking software that has great de-dup capability to knock out any duplicate profiles. With a built-in alert functionality, recruiters automatically save time and money down the line when there’s a highly competitive job opening to fill.
  • Advance Search Filters
    While it is great to maintain a clean and unified database, the importance of powerful search cannot be emphasized upon any lesser. Instead of relying solely on keywords, use filters, on the basis of skill sets, qualification, experience, location, position and other core requirements.

The above were simple basics and hygiene elements that you must maintain when working with huge candidate database. If you are ready to take the next step, here are a couple of powerful features that will help you leverage the database better.

  • Candidate Segmentation Through Tags and Flags
    Segment candidates with flags and tags. By using this segmentation feature, your messaging becomes more effective and candidate engagement becomes much easier.
  • Communication Central
    Track communication with the candidate or hiring manager or recruiter at one single place. You can go back to the communication history if need be.
  • Detailed Candidate Profile
    Manage candidate profile, feedback, relevant candidate documents along with the complete interaction history across all channels – mails, SMS and phone calls.

Your candidate database is your valuable asset which you build over time. Use tools and technology to ensure that you are able to leverage it to the fullest


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