Effective Hiring Methods to Hire Quality Candidates

A study shows any job position receives an average of 250 applications. So, shortlisting the right candidate from is just like finding the needle in a haystack.

Every job position requires different evaluation process and the method of shortlisting. The selection method you choose will depend on skills, attributes and knowledge required for that particular position. And of course, it will also need to be aligned with the prerequisite for the said position.

Recruitment needs us to work on a funnel, the more candidate you put in at the top of the funnel, the more candidate you can expect to get as joiners. However, this is misinterpreted largely and therefore recruiters are in a mad rush to get as many profiles as possible. More candidates also imply that more manhours are spent in screening and evaluating. This brings us to conclude that recruitment should also focus on quality at earlier screening levels to improve effectiveness.

1. Refining talent with the right screening methods

Psychometric Test:

Before conducting any technical or face-to-face round of interviews, candidates can be tested on their psychometric level. This helps the recruiter to understand their traits. Also, it helps to decide whether a particular candidate is the right fit.

Achievement Analysis:

To find the best talent from the given candidate data pool, screening candidate’s awards, honor, fellowship, patent and white paper gives a fair idea about the candidates’ skill sets.

Job description Screening:

Looking at the role outlined by a candidate in the resume helps you draw a parallel between the role that you are hiring for and the role that the candidate plays in the current organization. This helps recruitment move beyond keywords.

Objective Questions

This is an elimination method where the recruitment team can define a few questions to ensure that only relevant candidates apply for a certain job role. And this reduces a lot of work in screening the candidate’s profile.

2. Efforts towards finding more qualified candidates

Effectiveness of the recruitment can be improved by accessing more qualified candidates on various platforms as mentioned below.  


Arranging state level or national level Hackathon or programming contest through which top candidates can be identified and engaged.

Passive Hiring

Align the candidate’s aspiration with the job role that you have. Nurture the candidates, engage term long term with your employer brand.

And there many sources and social platforms like LinkedIn, Github, Behance, etc. where these candidates can be just shortlisted by looking at their profile.

Employee Referral

Set up an employee referral program to get more qualified candidates. With high closure ratios, this is the most important source of getting joiners.

Pre-Evaluated Candidates:

There are many platforms out there in the market, where recruiters can find the pre evaluated candidate with different tests and screening criteria. This reduces lot of time and assures the quality candidate.

In conclusion, with these effective hiring methods and practices one can definitely get the right talent from existing data pool. This not only improves quality of hire but also helps organization to achieve their goals in much faster rate.


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