Does Your Applicant Tracking Software Have These Features?

How are you evaluating the features that an applicant tracking software must have? How do you know which of the features are essential while considering which applicant tracking software to opt for?

One of the key aspects to consider are the roles who would extensively use the applicant tracking software.

And in most organizations, it is the recruiter!

So, here are some features which would simplify the life of a recruiter:

Task-Based Dashboard

Recruiters can view their to-dos and reminders as soon as they log in. An applicant tracking software’s dashboard gives a snapshot of all the positions and candidates that a recruiter is working upon.
Help your recruiters be on top of their pending tasks.

Smart Search Technology

Let your recruiters locate resumes based on skills, years of experience, academic qualification and many more. Make use of customized filters and segment candidates by position, location or experience.
Benefit: Save your recruiters’ valuable time that’s often lost in searching candidates. Get the best profiles sorted by an applicant tracking software against a given position.

Access Candidate Interaction History

Enable your recruiters to view a complete history of previous interactions, feedbacks, notes, comments and documents against a particular candidate.
: Help them leverage the previous communication so that they do not have to start from scratch every time.

Reports and Analytics

Generate reports that showcase different hiring stages, as and when required. Schedule them to be sent via email automatically.
Benefit: Help your recruiters take clearer, data-driven decisions. Let them easily track candidates, view status, analysis, operations or activity report for your process.

Integration with Various Sourcing Portals

Publish your open positions with a single click across various hiring platforms. Source profiles from social media, job portals, career’s page, employees and vendors and maintain a centralized database.
Benefit: Create your own database to reach out to niche and passive candidates.

Make the right choice of applicant tracking software, and it could surely be what makes the difference for your company’s recruitment efforts.

Happy recruiting!


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