Digital Age Hiring – What’s Next in the Recruitment World?

Take a look at any survey or report – hiring top, quality candidates and retaining talent are some of the key priorities for business leaders across the globe.

While LinkedIn and online job portals have been quite an alternative to paper resumes, organizations are looking for more effective ways to automate the transactional.

Recruitment teams want to focus more on communicating with their candidates.

Irrespective of size, industry or scale of hiring, recruitment teams should use technology to maintain recruitment hygiene. Build trust through communication, transparency and proactive approach.

Flaunt your company culture to attract the best talent

Let your brand do the talking. Your company career’s page and social media pages open a window into your company’s culture. It helps the organization build trust and credibility.  You could, in fact, use this a platform for your existing employees to share what and how they feel about coming to work every day.

Consciously work upon candidate experience

Be an informed recruiter. Respond to candidates with good news and even bad news. At the end of the day, candidates would rather have some info than stay in the dark! Most organizations use their applicant tracking software to send automated emails to their candidates.

Make the hiring process less cumbersome

Become more approachable. Fewer hiring steps with accurate assessment criteria will help in the right evaluation of the candidate without too many interview steps. A robust candidate assessment tool with candidate self-service portal would be the appropriate choice for you to carefully gauge your evaluation process.

An Applicant Tracking Software can be a “leap” for your organization into successful hiring! Get the most out of your recruitment spend by attracting more candidates, managing applications more efficiently and picking out the right candidate, all by using a recruitment software!

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