AI Applicant Tracking System: Future of Recruitment

If recruiters had a magic wand in their hands, what parts of their jobs would they apply the magic on?

Perhaps sourcing, the initial screening, assessment and then providing predictive analytics which will help recruiters understand the patterns.

Artificial Intelligence is the magic wand!

AI and machine learning can drastically change the way recruitment works. In the coming few years, we do see AI and machine learning being leveraged to remove some of the following from the recruiters’ task list:

Sourcing of Candidates

The first thing that recruiters do today is finding the right set of candidates as per the provided job description. Recruiters enter the experience range, education, domain and the portal gives them a list of candidates which match their criteria. Recruiters go through each candidate profile, speak to the candidates to fill in information gaps and share the resumes with the requisitioners. While the interaction cannot be ruled out, the searching bit can certainly be.

Therefore, Based on various search parameters, AI applicant tracking systems can extend the reach of the recruiters to a huge database of candidates that is available across portals. Recruiters can, in fact, extract information from various social portals to fill in gaps of information. As a basic solution, applicant tracking systems for recruiters can simply rank candidates based on keyword match. In an advanced solution, the recruitment software can match profiles against the past joiners for such positions and provide analytics.

Whichever be the extent of the capability of the solution – the recruiter benefits either way.



AI enabled chat bots can screen candidates with tailor-made questionnaire used to assess various aspects of a candidate’s fitment – skills, personality or inclinations. When recruiters screen candidates, they ask questions. Based upon answers they either qualify or disqualify the candidate.

In fact there are various point solutions which accomplish this today. With tailored questionnaires for each job requirement, the screening tools cover skills screening, cognitive aspect as well as culture fitment screening. Some online applicant tracking systems are capable enough to mask demographic markers ad present the screening result so that biases can be ruled out completely

Under screening, also comes assessments which include various formats such as conversations with a chat-bot or video interviews where the responses are later analyzed through an algorithm to provide insights to the recruitment team.

Candidate nurturing

Leveraging existing candidate database is the Achilles’ heel for most recruitment team. For the lack of an easy way to get to the most suitable candidates, recruiters ignore the database. On the other hand, AI- enabled recruitment software solutions can use machine learning algorithms to find the patterns and match candidates who are most likely to find the position interesting. 

Based on the suggestions, recruiters can engage such candidates and effectively use their existing database.

Employee Referrals

Artificial intelligence solutions also makes it easy for recruiters to get the right kind of referrals. Based on the job requirements, AI solutions can go through an employee’s connection and suggest people who should be approached by the employee. This not only simplifies life for recruiter but also for the employee.

Human Interactions are hard to replace in the field of recruitment. Even the best applicant tracking systems will find it hard to replace the value that a recruiter can add. However, artificial intelligence minimizes these interactions and brings it down to the more meaningful. It takes away a lot of less value-adding tasks from the recruiter’s plate. The technology will only help recruiters move up the value chain in the process of recruitment. Artificial Intelligence coupled with Machine Learning applies insights to the daily recruiting process and makes it richer and more effective.

In conclusion, AI based applicant tracking system will help recruiters by automating manual task which improves quality of hire, reduces cost per hire and timeline in recruitment.


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