7 Time-Saving Hacks for Recruiters

Are you a recruiter feeling the burden of your ‘to-do’ list? Well, recruitment is a challenging process that can sometimes be quite strenuous and time-consuming.

Several tasks must be completed during a recruitment drive, from publishing on job boards to shortlisting applicant resumes. Not to forget candidate screening, cross-checking, arranging interviews, and many other tasks, which are all important in their own way.

When so much is going on during a recruitment drive, recruiters need to find ways to stay productive. Let’s explore some of the best time-saving hacks for recruiters that can help boost their productivity:

1. Automate Interview Scheduling 

Instead of allotting time slots for candidate interviews manually, use automation software.

An interview scheduler relies on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and schedules candidate interviews without manual effort. This enables it to automatically schedule interviews based on the availability of the recruiter and the serial number or availability of candidates.

Some interview schedulers allow candidates to book their interview slots through an online interface. Candidates can see when the interviewer is available and choose their interview slots accordingly. Once a candidate has reserved a slot, it will not be available to other candidates. 

2. Set up Automated Follow-ups and Reminders 

To boost the candidate experience, a recruiter must send reminders and follow-ups to applicants.

Before an interview or any other type of test, every applicant should get a reminder via mail or SMS. If candidates forget the interview date, they may notice the reminder and prepare accordingly.

Similarly, a recruiter has to follow up on interviews, screenings, or any other types of tests. Even if a candidate is rejected, they have to be informed via mail/SMS.

Sending follow-up messages and reminders can be a mundane task. Automated solutions that can send reminders and follow-up messages will thus help save recruiters’ time.

3. Take Advantage of Integrations or Extensions 

Have you noticed extensions on your web browser? Extensions appear on the web browser at all times and can help you jump to a specific webpage or profile.

Recruiters can use extensions to evaluate candidate profiles, applicant scores, and other info. They do not have to waste time searching on a web browser.

For example, Chrome extensions like Grammarly, Right Inbox, and Calendly are preferred by many recruiters around the globe. Similarly, browser integrations can help a recruiter save time. 

4. Use a Screening Automation Tool 

Recruiters have to take a final call based on the candidates’ scores, education, and other info. They have to either reject an applicant or select them based on their scores and resume.

The screening process for shortlisting candidates is time-intensive. With screening tools, recruiters can automate the entire process as these tools rely on keywords, threshold scores, and other parameters to shortlist candidates. 

5. Block Calendar in Advance 

Several key tasks during a recruitment drive require 100% focus. Recruiters have to block their calendars for such tasks. They have to make sure that no distractions appear during a critical activity.

For example, say you have forwarded emails to candidates regarding their interviews. You need to block your calendar to interview the candidates timely. If candidates cannot locate the interviewer on the pre-decided day, it might hamper their experience.

6. Create Checklists 

Creating a checklist is one of the age-old time-saving techniques which is still beneficial.

By creating a checklist, you can ensure that no essential task is missed. You can tick off the completed tasks within the available time frame and ensure that you are on track. 

7. Create Sample Email Templates 

Apart from candidates, recruiters also have to forward emails to their internal team.

A recruiter may need to send an interview request, resource request, and other types of emails. Composing a mail from scratch can be quite time-consuming.

With the help of pre-set mail templates, recruiters can save a lot of time. They can also set up auto-replies on mail to acknowledge candidate messages timely. 


Overall, recruitment is a challenging process with multiple tasks that require special attention and high productivity levels on the part of the recruiters.

If a company isn’t sure of its recruitment policy or procedure, it can rely on a talent acquisition firm. Such firms can speed up the recruitment drive considerably.

Use time-saving recruitment hacks or leverage the services of a reliable talent acquisition firm to boost productivity this 2022!  


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