7 Reasons Why Candidates Drop Out from the Hiring Process

Did you know that more than 60% of candidates believe that employers do not communicate on time? Besides communication, various obstacles in the hiring process might force a candidate to drop out. If you provide a positive recruitment experience to candidates, they are 38% more likely to accept your job offer.

Most companies do not tend to focus on candidate experience. Let’s look at some of the ways to prevent candidates from dropping out of your hiring process.

Unclear Job Titles and Descriptions

Your job titles should resonate with the candidates for better results. If you use a job title that isn’t common, candidates might be interested in your job but ignore it due to an unclear job title. Take some time to research and choose a title for your job position that is known and understood by everyone in the relevant industry.

What will be the roles and responsibilities if a candidate is selected for a particular role in your company? Make sure you post a formal JD (Job Description) along with the job postings. The JD should clearly state the responsibilities to be undertaken after being selected for a job.

Why make promises to candidates that you cannot keep? While notifying candidates about a new job offer, try being authentic.

Your job description should contain realistic points and not hyperbolic ones. Recruitment is a two-way process that involves the employer and the candidates. Instead of mentioning fanciful information about your company, include things in the JD that candidates actually care about. For example, candidates want to know about the job benefits and compensation at the outset. Include such details in your JD to initiate a realistic, fair, and affirmative recruitment process.

Missing Follow-ups

After each recruitment stage, you need to inform the candidates whether they are moving to the next stage or not. Even if a candidate is rejected at the first stage, drop an email and notify them about the same. If candidates do not receive any follow-ups after a significant amount of time, they will choose to drop out of the recruitment process themselves. In addition, if candidates have missed your emails, send a timely follow-up to check on them.

Less/Limited Online Presence

There are many employee review sites on the internet. If you have received good reviews from your employees, let the candidates know about it. You can also share such positive reviews on sites like Glassdoor, Vault, CareerBliss, and Indeed

Vague Email Communication

Don’t come on too hard on your candidates while sending them recruitment emails. Your emails should be simple and concise and cater to candidates’ queries. There is no point in using extravagant language in your mail and intimidating the candidates. Your email communications should be clear, and candidates should feel like your company needs them.

In Conclusion

Only interested candidates will apply when you make your requirements clear while posting job openings. Ensure that your recruitment process is transparent and quick in 2022. 

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