5 Tips on Attracting the Best Campus Hires!

Want an influx of fresh breeze? Looking for employees who really can bring change? Are you ready to adapt to the needs of your young customers? Inevitably, you need to rely on campus recruitment for filling in the above gaps. Campus hiring is the closest interaction an organization can have for fresh minds!

Here are 5 tips which could make your campus recruitment work better:

Connect with Co-ordinators

Every organization wants to target day Zero. Maintain an ongoing relationship with the campus coordinator to ensure you have the insider news and maybe you can negotiate acquiring the right talent earlier than your competitors. Stay engaged not only with the students but also with the coordinator. Well, he/she is the one who’s invited you, so keep the relationship warm.

Student Engagement

Create enriching and engaging programs which competitive students will enjoy. Today’s youth is more interested in attending high quality, socially and academically enriching company events. Create such opportunities!

Summer/Winter Internship

Make those dull projects tempting. Students really work hard for the 2 months of corporate exposure. Make their projects worth it. Ensure that the mentor is really involved with the students and not doing a mere formality. These students are your future target audience for final placement. Treat them good.

Attitude Matters

While finally selecting the students, look for attitude and not just grades. Bollywood has a lot of examples of the right guy making all the difference. Trust your gut and select the best fit for the role, not the best grade for the role.

Devise innovative ways of candidate selection

Aptitude tests are past tense. We must attract the best talent in more creative ways. Gamification is the latest fad. Role plays, simulation exercises are some of the different approaches which can attract better students from the lot.

In the end, the bulwark of campus hiring is based on the following four pillars – Connect, Engage, Assess and Select the Best.

Mehul Oza is the Associate Vice President – HR at SBI Life Insurance. SBI Life uses Talentpool to automate time-intensive hiring tasks and streamline their hiring process – right from sourcing a candidate to onboarding them.


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