5 Tips for Hiring Remote Workers

The key to success for any business rests on its team, which depends on hiring the right person for the right job.

Post-COVID, safety, and security have become priorities for one and all; remote working has become the new normal. Remote working is here to stay, despite having been fuelled out of necessity due to constant lockdowns during the pandemic.

It ensures a safe working environment from the comfort of one’s personal arena and drastically cuts down on fixed expenses.

In today’s competitive era, where time is of utmost importance, hiring remote workers can save you both time and energy. It also ensures quality work through this latest trending talent war. 

Having said that, when hiring remote workers, you cannot follow the same principles and parameters that are applicable to appointing an office-based candidate for the job.

The approach toward hiring remote workers needs to be different. And you must be mindful of certain things to avoid gaps. 

To that end, here is a list of 5 tips you need to keep in mind when hiring remote workers:

1. Request a Recorded Video

If you wish to save time on your recruitment process and want help in sieving the right applicants. It is important to initiate this process by requesting a short introductory video with certain details along with the applications.

This way, you would skip the not-so-serious applicants, making your decision process smoother by involving only the interested ones. 

2. Set the Right Expectations

Setting clear and written guidelines and expectations for your remote workers is a must to receive quality work from them.

There should be complete transparency regarding the number of working hours, response times, standard processes, company culture, and everything that stands as a principle rule that your company believes in and follows.

Remember, not setting clear written expectations may create gaps, and you might neither receive efficient work as per your needs nor retain talent. 

3. Give a Realistic Preview of the Job

You need to project an insider look for your potential candidates regarding how your company works remotely. This can be done by integrating your company’s video with your job application flow.

The video should clearly showcase your company’s work culture and what it would be like to work as a part of it. 

4. Offer a Virtual Job Try-Out

If you want to gauge people’s remote working skills and how much attention they give while working on a project. So, it is important to assign a virtual pre-hiring assignment to check the candidates’ capabilities.

You need to set strict guidelines and deadlines, which, in the end, help you identify the best talent and get them on board to work for the betterment of your company. 

5. Utilize Skills Assessments

Assessing the skills of a candidate is very important while sifting through their resume. This includes not just going through their work experience but also their soft skills, as this would define their work ethics in clear terms.

For example, an applicant with long-term work experience in one particular company would indicate their dedication and consistency towards their job. On the other hand, if a candidate has been shifting jobs very frequently, it would speak negatively about their work ethic and dedication toward their work. 

Final Take

Remote working is here to stay. A decade ago, remote working was not even an option due to the lack of available technology to support it.

Post-pandemic, with the advancements in the technological front worldwide, companies are shifting their work culture by allowing remote work on certain days of the week.

However, it is being predicted that many companies, especially those in the IT sector, might establish 100% remote teams that would get them better talents, cut their costs and even lead to improved productivity. 

Remote working, as simple and convenient as it may sound, calls for an entirely different approach when it comes to hiring the right candidate for the respective posts.

Following the above guidelines and partnering with platforms like Talentpool that design special tailor-made software for recruitment processes can make your journey easier and get you the most deserving candidate for the job. 


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