5 Platforms to Post Jobs Online for Free Without Using Job Boards

Job boards are an essential part of any recruitment strategy, and this plays a crucial role in cost per acquisition. A health recruitment strategy needs to include both paid as well free resources to balance out the given budget. Well, there are many free digital channels one can utilize for posting job positions. Usually, large companies that afford to do recruitment marketing go for paid job boards.

However, not every business has such extensive financial resources to use paid job boards. So, free channels help them to get right at a cheaper cost. Free job posting channels can also help you connect with potential candidates. How do you accelerate your hiring with the help of these channels?

Social Platforms

Around 4.5 billion people use social media sites around the globe. Many job seekers scroll and get easily engaged through job posts on social media sites. By creating your company profile on different social media sites, one can start posting jobs.

You can rely on the LinkedIn job board to post job openings for free. Furthermore, you can ask your connections on LinkedIn to share your job postings and enhance the reach of your posts. You can also join groups on LinkedIn and post your job openings on those for maximum reach.

Facebook is another reliable social media platform to post free job openings. And there are multiple communities on Facebook which are totally related to talent acquisition. Twitter is also an excellent platform where you can join online threads and drive engagement.

Career Websites

A career website is one of the most effective ways to get passive candidates. Creating a specific career page can help candidates to get complete information on available job positions. Today every organization is having its own website and that traffic can be used to divert the audience to the career website. And this can act as a quality resource to get the right talent. A career website also helps the employer to create their brand image in the market.

These website pages are solely dedicated to job seekers. Rather than visiting multiple digital channels, candidates can browse job postings on one specific website. In addition, you can directly receive information about the candidates who applied for your job opening through such a website.

 Join Online Threads and Discussions

Many users discuss job openings on social platforms. A thread is a series of replies to any post on a digital channel. Usually, the replies are from the original author or other users. You can join online threads and talk about your job openings there. There are many discussion forums on digital channels that can be used to post job openings. An added advantage is that if you join an online discussion forum on social media, a notification will be sent to all the participants whenever you post something. This helps candidates to get updated every time when there is new position is created.

Use Classified Websites

Many directory-style websites on the internet can be used for posting job openings. Classified websites can also be considered as information portals. These websites are customized so that candidates can search for specific job openings. One can also publish advertisements on classified websites to promote job openings at an affordable rate.

With maximum exposure, classified websites can help you find the right talent for your company. WallClassifieds, FreeAdsTime GiganticList, and H1Ad are some classified websites you can use to post job openings.

Freelancing Websites

Many passive candidates are lurking on freelancing websites. Passive candidates have the required skills for a job but aren’t looking to join any company. You can post job openings on freelancing websites and encourage candidates to apply. Freelancing websites are perfect if you are looking for ad-hoc employees. FlexJobs, SolidGigs, Fiverr, Upwork, and CloudPeeps are some freelancing websites to post your job openings.

In a Nutshell

Free job posting platforms can reduce the costs incurred in the recruitment process. Many candidates are actively searching for jobs online. The recruiter can leverage the power of online channels to find the right talent for your company. Start using free digital channels for your job postings this 2022.


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