5 Candidate Sourcing Strategies to Find the Right Talent

There are several ways to find the right talent in 2022. Recruiters often try to create a talent pipeline for job openings in the present and future. But candidates won’t always apply for your open job roles.

Sometimes, recruiters have to discover ideal candidates and communicate with them. For finding the right talent, many recruiters rely on candidate sourcing. Let’s explore what candidate sourcing is and what are the right strategies to implement it in 2022. 

Understanding Candidate Sourcing 

Candidate sourcing or talent sourcing is finding and engaging with candidates that haven’t applied for a job in your company.

Did you know that around 36% of working individuals are looking for a new opportunity? Recruiters need to keep their talent pipeline ready at all times. Candidate sourcing can be performed to fill job positions now or in the future.

Candidate sourcing involves interacting with candidates and introducing them to the company culture. They learn about the pros of working in your company after an interaction.

Sourced candidates are more effective than candidates that have applied for a job in your company. However, you need to implement the right candidate sourcing strategy for the best results. 

Best Candidate Sourcing Strategies to Deploy 

Recruiters should actively spend funds and time on candidate sourcing. It will help them create a talent pipeline that’s ready to work in the future.

Some strategies to find the top talent via candidate sourcing are as follows:

1. Diversify the Online Candidate Sourcing Channels 

Some companies have a dedicated professional network for finding the right talent. Many rely on LinkedIn, the world’s biggest professional network, to find ideal candidates.

Every recruiter has their preferred online channel for sourcing candidates. Why choose only one or two online channels for discovering new talent? Instead, try to use a mix of channels.

Many candidates are present on less popular professional channels. They might be more reactive to messages on such channels. The idea is to find the online channels used by your target candidates. Try to include different mediums for candidate discovery where you can find prospective employees.

2. Don’t Underestimate Offline Recruitment Sources 

Who says offline candidate sourcing is dead in 2022? Meeting candidates at events and seminars can still be an effective sourcing strategy.

Recruiters can attend industry-specific conferences or events to source candidates. While speaking from a forum, recruiters can highlight the effective work culture of their company.

If possible, a company can organize meetups to interact with ideal candidates. Companies that host events/meetups face less competition from fellow employers. 

3. Leverage the Employees’ Professional Network for Hiring 

The top companies keep widening their talent pool by using the professional networks of their employees. It’s recommended to host candidate sourcing sessions with current employees to find future candidates.

Many organizations offer additional benefits to employees who help onboard new talent or recommend potential candidates. Moreover, people love to bring their friends or acquaintances on board in the same company.

You can discover the professional networks of your current employees on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub to expand your talent pool. 

4. Create Candidate-Oriented Outreach Messages 

Recruiters should not stop after identifying potential candidates. If the potential candidates won’t interact with you, identifying them will be of no use.

You need to have a perfect outreach strategy to interact with candidates. Many candidates respond to only recruitment messages that stand out. Thus, recruiters must communicate effectively through messages/mails on professional social networks to enhance their talent pool.

For example, sending InMails to potential candidates on LinkedIn improves your outreach significantly. While messaging them, keep the content precise and convey the benefits of joining your organization to the candidate. 

5. Establish a Strong Employer Brand 

Did you know that more than 90% of working individuals switch jobs if they receive an offer from a more reputed company?

Potential candidates might ignore your outreach if they perceive your organization as less known or popular. Focus on establishing a strong employer brand for engaging successfully with candidates. 


Many companies create a talent pool for jobs they haven’t even opened yet. Having access to a large talent pool can help your company recruit candidates quickly. Focus on building a vast talent pool in 2022 by using effective sourcing strategies.


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