4 Recruitment Communities You Should Join to Build a Network

Working in silos has never helped anyone. The only way to thrive is by building a community and networking with others in the field. This network allows you to remain updated about the latest in the domain while also having a support system to work efficiently. The same is true for recruitment communities. 

So, what are recruitment communities? These are networks of human resource associates and recruiters. These groups typically host seminars, the network for the latest HR tech, run discussions on recruiting and HR management practices, and much more.

The 4 Most Talked About Communities for Recruitment

Here is a list of four groups/communities or forums you should know. 

1. Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) 

The SHRM or Society for Human Resource Management is one of the most renowned networks in the world. They work towards being a platform and voice for all things related to the workplace, human resources, workforce management, and recruiting. 

Today this network is robust, with 300,000+ executives and close to 165 counties participating. The organization claims to impact the lives of over 110 million families worldwide. Owning this global stratum also makes them a prime source for reliable information and conversations. 

Key Highlights

Here are some of the critical distinctions of this community: 

  • The members’ group helps HRs connect with others in their field and build a robust global network.
  • They provide verified and reliable certifications programs that hold global value. 
  • They have many workshops and seminars for overall growth, focusing on compliance training.
  • They work as a resource for accessing professional tools, advisor board samples, and discussions forums.  

This community is a perfect match for HRs looking to build a network, stay ahead of the trends, and make a proactive effort in discussions on recruiting and upskilling. They also have segregated groups for professionals, students, and companies.  

How to Join 

This is a paid membership with a vast host of advantages and starts at $219 a year for a professional and works out to be cheaper for a whole company. This cost includes all the network benefits without any filtrations, and one can quickly fill out a form and register online. 

2. The Human Capital Institue (HCI) 

The HCI or Human Capital Institute believes in creating a balanced outlook for employees, clients, and stakeholders. They aim to optimize, analyze and accelerate the role of human capital strategies. 

Focusing on value creation and enhancing the organizational output, they are a community aimed toward turning business strategies into measurable results. 

Key Highlights

  • They hold regular events and seminars about hiring, management, tools, and technology. 
  • They have a repository of in-depth research and resources. These are constantly updated to stay ahead of any trends.
  • They offer high-value educational courses for recruiters in the form of certifications. Their lecture on “Human Capital strategy” is the most popular one. 
  • Thye host regular conversions about corporate solutions.  

This community is ideal for talent acquisition and making the most of its human resource pool. HCI’s membership plans also grant professional access to corporate training, discussion groups, and enterprises.

How to Join 

A simple registration form on their website allows users to access some resources. However, premium membership to this community provides access to many classes, superior skills, and robust training. 

3. The HR Association India (HRAI) 

The HRAI or the HR Association of India is a region-specific channel that has earned a significant name in the recent decade. They are the largest forum for HRs in India, with over 23,000 members across the country. 

Key Highlights

  • An ideal community for HRs in India. 
  • Provide awards and distinctions to those who do exemplary work. 
  • Hold discussions on best practices for recruiting and management. 
  • Focus on providing learning opportunities for the overall development of human resource management. 
  • Host regular seminars and networking events to help connect the community with a focus on upskilling.

How to Join 

The annual membership starts at a nominal INR 1,999 a year for an associate, and the same is also available for a duration of 3 or 5 years. As part of this, members are entitled to all the community facilities. 

4. People Matters Online 

People Matters is an online magazine and network of HRs that focus on bringing out the latest in the field. They also offer courses and seminars for the whole community. 

Key Highlights 

  • Their most renowned brand remains their magazine. The print and online monthly focuses on the world of human resources management. 
  • Their community highlights over one-lakh professionals each month and details the latest developments in the field.
  • They host regular events and annual conferences that the community’s top representatives attend. 
  • Their digital and brand reach-out programs occur weekly and are instrumental in the advancement of HRs. 

The People Matters Network also awards and recognitions for Learning, Talent Acquisition, and HR tech. 

How to Join 

One can easily subscribe to their network on their website. Ar INR 1,650/- a year, the members receive access to the magazine, communities, classes, and more. 

Benefits of Recruitment Communities

Here is a quick overview of the advantages of joining any of the above communities:  

  • Stay relevant with current practices in HR management and recruiting. 
  • Access to courses and seminars that help upskill professionals and others in the HR team. 
  • Networking and connection-building help with better talent acquisition and smoother policymaking.
  • Support and assistance from a community of like-minded people. 

In Closing 

To pick the right group for you or your company, narrow down by region, shared interests, and network benefits. Some HRs also join more than one network to gain the most out of each of these communities. 

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