3 Things that Make a Great Careers Page

Success is often a result of doing a common thing uncommonly. A well-crafted careers page encapsulates your organization’s story. It is a potent means to inform, influence, and inspire. It forges the connection between the employer and prospective employees.

The Talent Board research showcases that your careers page is the number one platform where candidates go to research about your company. 

The following are the three things you need to keep in mind while designing a fascinating careers page – 

1. Employer Branding and Employee Reviews

Employer branding is the impression you create in the job seekers’ minds as an organization. Your careers page is a crucial touchpoint that enhances the employer’s brand image. It answers the pivotal questions that a job seeker seeks when researching your company.

Here is how you can ace this segment – 

  • Incorporate the Organization’s Vision and Mission Statements – Any organization’s objective is guided by its vision and mission statements. The statement appeals to the jobseeker to apply. Since performance standards align with the values and work culture, candidates know what behaviours, characteristics, and skills are needed to thrive. A candidate can internally validate their skills and take the next step forward.
  • Include Employee Reviews – Through employee reviews, a candidate gets insight into your company’s work culture. Your current and past employees are passionate brand ambassadors. Their success stories will reduce your efforts in hiring and keeping top talents.
  • Circulate Information About Corporate Social Responsibility – It is necessary to position your company in a responsible and meaningful way. Demonstrating your responsibilities towards your community or environment has a positive impact on potential candidates. 

2. Employee Value Proposition

The EVP on the careers page talks about a host of benefits. It elucidates the benefits an employee receives in return for skills, competence, and experience they bring to the company.

Here is how you can include the EVP –

  • Highlight Tangible Rewards – A savvy candidate expects to see an overall evaluation and compensation structure. Apart from the raw currency papers, other benefits like stock options, allowances, paid leave, retirement benefits, and company-sponsored vacations too intrigue candidates.
  • Work Environment – Work-life balance, recognition, flexible working hours, and team building are the main constituents of a positive work environment. The careers page helps market this ambience to job seekers. 
  • Career Path – Job seekers tend to envision their career tracks. And defining the growth path within your corporate structure will strike the right chord with new hires.
  • The Team – Who will be my peers? What kind of people make up the workforce? What is the tenure of the existing employees? Answers to these questions play pivotal roles in attracting new talents.

3. Mobile-Friendly Website and SEO

In this digital age, a mobile-friendly website is a must to remain in competition. It has now become an expected convenience. An SEO-friendly careers page gives you more online visibility.

Here is what you need to remember –

  • A responsive design of the careers page that adjusts the content according to the user’s browser size.
  • A mobile-friendly careers page/site allows applying via smartphones. The job application doesn’t require too many steps. The option of text messaging will be a bonus point.
  • Adding relevant keywords to the job ads optimize them for search engines. It becomes easier for jobseekers to find you on the internet. 


An optimized careers page has an organized and structured category architecture that aids candidates in navigating efficiently. Structured data like categorized job vacancies, locations, descriptions help the job seekers find their exact requirements.

Here are some fantastic examples of excellent career pages –

  • Ixigo
  • Haptik
  • Swiggy

A career page has the power to win qualified candidates and seamlessly convert researchers to applicants. Visit Talentpool today to increase your talent base. 


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