3 Naukri Features that Most Recruiters Don’t Use

Naukri is the largest database of jobseekers across technologies, skills, locations, and technology sets. Several recruiters work on Naukri.

Over the past few years, Naukri has developed and added a lot of features to its platform to upgrade its functionalities. These useful features help the recruiters search through the database effectively and reach the right candidates faster.

However, in our conversation with recruiters, we figure that most recruiters are not aware of these features.  

Get Notified when a New Candidate Joins your Pool

Have you ever wondered if you could get a notification whenever a new candidate joined your search? Get an instant update for any new CV coming into your pool.  With this new email notification, you can review the basic info of the candidate, right in your inbox and take a decision.

How to use the feature?

Add fields and run a search. Check the box next to saved search alert mailers. This will enable you to get instant alert emails every time a candidate with the same criteria updates their CV. One improvement that Naukri has introduced is of ensuring that alert mailers do not show repetitive candidates, if the profiles have been checked by the recruiter once.

Reduce Hassle of Going through Irrelevant Applicants 

Post a job and you get thousands of applicants but very few of them are relevant. Did you ever feel the need for a feature which will help you eliminate irrelevant applications?

Qualifying questions is the way to achieve the same..

Recruiters can now add multiple qualifying questions which the applicant is expected to answer before their application is accepted and forwarded to the recruiter. These questions ensure that the applications received at least meet the minimum qualifying criteria.

You can also use experience, salary range, location, industry, and educational qualification as elimination criteria. Only when a candidate matches the given criteria, will the candidate be forwarded to the recruiter as a matching profile.

How to use the feature?

Recruiter can add multiple questions when publishing a job post. Questions can be marked as mandatory or optional. Jobseeker needs to answer those questions when submitting a job application.

A recruiter can create and apply a filter based on the candidate’s response. To select filters, use the field-specific toggles.

Prevent your Published Jobs from Getting Deactivated

Did you know that your published jobs only stay active on the Naukri portal for 31 days, from the date of posting?

Now stop visiting the portal just to refresh the job which you have already posted. A recruiter can schedule an automatic refresh at a predefined time interval. In case, the system is unable to refresh the position automatically, a recruiter would get an automated email notification. 

How to use this feature?

Job posting has an option of schedule refresh, which can be added while publishing a job. There is an auto-refresh pattern that can be set as per your need. There is also a provision to add expiry till which the refresh will occur. 

But, there are cons associated with this feature. Naukri utilizes a job posting credit every time a scheduled refresh occurs.

We hope that you will be able to use some of these features to improve your efficiency on Naukri.


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