3 Naukri Features that Help Recruiters to Boost Their Productivity

How to improve productivity? It is the most common question for all decision-makers and HR managers. Every recruiter spends a lot of time in sourcing talent. And there are multiple channels that help them do that. 

Naukri is one of the most used channels by recruiters.  Most of the recruiters use Naukri to source candidates but they do not know how to use Naukri at its best level. Naukri periodically comes with new features that help recruiters do complex work in less time. This helps the recruiter to improve their productivity. Well, here are a few quick Naukri features that can give a massive boost to your productivity. 

  • Smart Comment System & Online Candidate Trackers
  • AI-powered Relevance Score
  • Candidate Pool Addition

Smart Comment System and Online Candidate Trackers

1. What is Smart Comments System?

Smart comment system where the recruiter can add tags as per their requirement.

Tags –Structured comments are used for easy grouping. It is possible to get 30 pre-defined tags or create your own.
For e.g. – Good soft skills, Not Interested, Call Later, etc.

Status – Pre-defined hiring pipeline stages.
For e.g. – Channel-wise Screening, Interested, Shortlisted, Interview Scheduled, etc.

  • Resdex is now available with a smart comment system that will improve your productivity and help you close positions faster. Manage open positions and activities on profiles from a single interface. Also, a recruiter can add structured comments (tags) to group similar profiles.
  • Use candidate status to manage the hiring pipeline easily
  • Share profiles with other sub-users in one click
  • Set tasks on profiles and get reminders – for easy call-backs and follow-ups

2. AI-powered Relevance Score

Screening candidates from a large pool of candidates is the hardest part of recruitment. It consumes significant bandwidth of recruiters. To resolve this, Naukri has launched an AI-based relevance score.

Recruiter can not only identify the most relevant applications but also understand why it is relevant, based on their evaluation of the job. It also takes into account parameters such as skills, designation, experience, salary, location & education, etc.

3. Relevance Score

Naukri’s AI-powered matching algorithm evaluates the published job and application. By evaluating this application on multiple parameters algorithm comes with a relevance score. This score predicts how relevant the application is to the given job. Based on relevance, candidates get categorized as “High Match”, “Medium Match” or “Low Match”. It also gives an objective understanding of the overall application and it is possible to check detailed scores as well by just hovering on the relevance score.

Now it is not required to spend time going through tons of job applications. Use AI-powered relevance score to get the right fit right away.

4. Matching scores on different parameters

  • With the help of the relevance score, it is possible to compare the two profiles just by hovering over the relevance of both profiles. Recruiter can also view how well the application matches your criteria on different parameters like skills, salary, experience, location, education, etc.
  • Designation score- It is possible to bring skilled applicants on top with the help of the designation score feature. Recruiters can also sort the applications based on the match between the candidate’s current designation and the designation that the recruiter is hiring for.

5. Feedback from rejected applicants

  • With the AI-powered matching algorithm, recruiters can share feedback on why a particular candidate got rejected. This helps the algorithm to learn more about the rejection reasons. While marking rejection, it is required to mark the rejection reasons, which enables Naukri to improve the application’s relevance.

6. Candidate Pool Addition

It is one of the underrated features on the Naukri platform that allows employers to add potential candidates to their candidate pool or talent database. This feature is useful for recruiters who are constantly on the lookout for candidates with specific skills.

When a recruiter uses the Candidate Pool Addition feature, they can upload the resumes of potential candidates directly to their account on Naukri. This creates a record of the candidate’s profile and makes it easier for the recruiter to search for and contact the candidate in the future.

The feature also allows employers to add notes and tags to each candidate’s profile, making it easier to organize and track potential candidates over time. This can be especially useful for companies that regularly recruit for similar roles or have ongoing hiring needs.

Overall, the Candidate Pool Addition feature is a powerful tool for organizations that want to build and maintain a database of potential candidates. By adding candidates to their pool proactively, recruiters can save time and streamline their hiring process when new job openings arise.


Naukri comes with new features every time it upgrades its existing functionalities. As a recruiter, it is important to know these features which directly help them to improve their productivity. Naukri also has its own feature release section where a recruiter can see the list the released features. 


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