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Tired of handling applicants data manually through stacks of resumes and struggling to find the right candidate for your job opening? The absence of a centralized system hampers the visibility and collaboration among team members. Tracking candidate information and maintaining up-to-date records was cumbersome, while searching for specific candidate details consumed valuable time. Moreover, without automated workflows, recruiters struggled to streamline their processes, resulting in a longer time-to-hire and a higher risk of losing top talent.

Talentpool offers a robust applicant tracking software, packed with features that make sourcing, screening, and hiring top talent easier and more efficient than ever before.

Our applicant tracking system automates the screening process, so you can focus your attention on the most promising candidates. Also, our customizable workflows allow you to tailor the ATS software to fit your unique hiring process and team structure. Our ATS tracking system is highly collaborative, allowing team members to share feedback, review resumes, and make more informed hiring decisions. With advanced reporting features, you can gain valuable insights into your hiring process and make data-driven improvements.

How will Talentpool’s ATS system help?

Automated Workflows
Automatic To-do Generation
Improved Visibility

Reduce Recruitment Cost, Gain a Better ROI!

Traditional manual methods of screening and tracking applicants are time-consuming, error-prone, and can result in missed opportunities for qualified candidates. Our ATS recruitment software is designed to reduce recruitment costs by eliminating the need for manual labour and expensive job postings.

Talentpool offers a comprehensive solution to manage the high volume of applications received. With our centralised applicant data, you can keep track of all applications and avoid missing out on any qualified candidates. Whether you are a mid-sized, enterprise or a large corporation, our online applicant tracking system can help you find the best talent faster and more efficiently than ever before.

How We Do It?

Automated Workflows

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks with our applicant management system. Talentpool helps recruiters set up customised workflows to manage applications, communicate with candidates, and move applicants through different stages of the recruitment process automatically.

Automatic To-do

Manage your workload and stay organised during the hiring process with our applicant management software. You can create to-do lists and set reminders for tasks such as reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.


Get real-time insights into the recruitment process. Track the progress of each application and monitor the status of each candidate. You can also view detailed metrics such as the number of applications received, the number of candidates at each stage of the recruitment process, and the time taken to move candidates through the hiring process.

Role-based Access

Whether it is the core recruitment team or the collaborators outside the team, each role has a permission based access on Talentpool Applicant Tracking System. Each role can track their actionables so that overall efficiency is improved and everybody can contribute proactively.


Resume screening is done with the help of an advance parser, which extracts the details from the CV. It takes 1-4 seconds to screen a single resume, and with the help of Boolean search, recruiters can find details from the database.

Talentpool helps to automate the recruitment process, right from requisition to offer. It consists of multiple modules, which include sourcing, interviewing, reporting, and vendor management. Each module consists of multiple features, and that helps manage the complete recruitment activity.

For growth stage organizations, flexibility as well as visibility are important. Talentpool is configurable and provides the ability to design the hiring process differently for each position. It helps organizations add custom fields to capture additional information for positions as well as candidates. Talentpool also provides Feedback Form Designer and custom Report Designer for additional configurability.

Applicant tracking software removes the manual and repetitive work from the system. There are multiple features that are designed and developed by Talentpool. Each feature makes sure that it removes the manual work from the system and automates the entire process. To know more, one can attend an online demo to see how automation works in real time.

The major functions of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) include job posting and candidate sourcing, resume parsing and storage, interview scheduling, communication with candidates, reporting and analytics, and integrations with other HR tools and platforms.

An Applicant Tracking System helps you save time and resources in managing candidates by automating various time-consuming tasks, such as screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and sending follow-up emails. With an ATS, you can easily manage and organize candidate information, track their progress throughout the hiring process, and collaborate with your team more efficiently.

When choosing an applicant tracking system, there are several key features to look for. These include resume parsing and storage, candidate sourcing and job posting, interview scheduling and vendor management, reporting and analytics. Additionally, look for an ATS with a user-friendly interface and strong post-sales support so that recruiters can be guided towards adoption.

Yes, Talentpool offers customization options to change the hiring workflow to meet specific user needs. This can include adding custom fields to track unique candidate information, creating custom workflows to match your recruitment process, and integrating with other HR tools and platforms that are essential for your business.

ATS provides numerous state-of-the-art security features, such as encrypted data storage, secure login and access controls, and regular security audits and updates. These measures ensure that your data is protected from unauthorised access, theft, or loss. Overall, an ATS is a secure and reliable solution for managing your candidate data.

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